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Meet our December Pet of the Month!

Snow Pea

Owned by Suzanne Bryan

Snow Pea is one of many pets (both dogs and cats) who have been able to lose weight using the Metabolic Diet. This tasty food allows pets to eat a fairly generous amount each day, which helps keep them satisfied. When fed according to a diet plan formulated by your veterinary team, the body's metabolism actually changes and the pet starts losing weight. The weight loss can be dramatic and can even occur without a strict exercise program.

Does your pet need to lose a few pounds? Here's what you should do:

-Schedule an appointment here at Osage with Dr. Tristan or Dr. Kathy. At this time, they will perform a thorough exam on your pet. This will help determine if there is a medical problem that may be preventing them from losing weight.

-After the exam, a member of the team will perform a few specific measurements on your pet. This will help us determine your pet's ideal body weight.

-After the simple measurements, you will get feeding recommendations and a projected weight loss schedule. This will tell us about how long it should take for your pet to lose weight while following the feeding program.

-Return monthly for free weigh-ins. This way we can track your pet's progress and celebrate their success!

-Enjoy the increased energy that your pet will have after losing the extra pounds!      

The Metabolic Diet is available in both dry and canned varieties for dogs and cats. There are also special Metabolic treats that are recommended (instead of other higher calorie treats) as part of the weight loss program.

Snow Pea had great success with the Metabolic Diet (and a little help from her mom!). Way to go Snow Pea!