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Meet Our January Pet of the Month!


Sarge Brown is a perfect example of a little dog from "rags to riches." He presented on emergency one weekend after being hit by a car. Fortunately, Kelly Brown found the little stray dog in her back yard. She couldn't stand to see him hurting, so she took him in and called Osage Animal Hospital to help.

It was obvious that his back right leg was broken, but he was also covered in fleas, was not neutered and even had heartworms! It was clear right away, though, that he had a great personality! Radiographs (x-rays) were taken of Sarge's hind limbs and pelvis, which showed an oblique fracture of both bones of the lower right leg (the tibia and fibula). We gave Kelly the option of repairing the leg surgically (best option), placing a splint, or amputating the leg. After talking with Kelly, she decided to have the fracture repaired surgically instead of a splint. Many "Good Samaritans" on social media were generous enough to help pay for Sarge's medical expenses so he could get the best care possible.

Sarge was taken to surgery and an external fixator was placed on the tibia using six pins. He did very well through surgery and the following day was even walking on the leg. The external fixator remained on the leg for 10 weeks, giving the fracture time to heal. Sarge's leg healed very well and today he is wild and crazy with his new family. Did we mention that, not only did Sarge find his way into Kelly's heart, but also into her home? She became so attached to the little guy after the whole ordeal, that she adopted him!

Thanks so much to Kelly Brown and to EVERYONE who helped make Sarge's story a success!