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Meet Our February Pet of the Month!


Pickle is a 10 year old Miniature Dachshund who belongs to one of our veterinary assistants, Meagan Holloway. Pickle was an "accidental finding" when Meagan was only eleven years old. Meagan and her father had gone to Oklahoma City to run some errands and had to make a stop at a nearby gas station to get some snacks and gasoline, but at the time they didn't know they were in for a big surprise. Upon entering the gas station, one of the store clerks stopped Meagan to ask her if she would be interested in some little puppies. Of course, she said yes!

It turns out that "some" puppies actually meant a dozen cute little puppies to pick from. Meagan just knew she had to have one! After some begging and persuading, Meagan finally got her way. Before bringing Pickle home, Meagan and her father stopped by PetSmart and bought anything and everything they could to make sure Pickle would be happy.

Through the years, Pickle has done nothing but bring happiness into everyone's life. Except for the occasional destruction of the house when she's left at home alone. But, we'll just blame that on her separation anxiety. 

Pickle has competed in the "Weenie Dog Races" at Bark in the Park for the past three years. She is proud of the fact that she has won every year that she has competed. Although, they have been VERY close races.

Pickle enjoys sleeping eighteen hours a day; however, when she's awake, she would much rather be inside than outside. In those four hours that she decides to be up, Pickle loves to hunt moles and mice and she's really good at it. She is very protective over Meagan and tries not to leave her side when Meagan is home. To say the least, Meagan is quite partial to Pickle as well and hardly goes anywhere without her. Even if it's just a quick trip to the store.

Pickle was chosen as our February Pet of the Month because February is Dental Month and, Pickle is well known for how well she takes care of her teeth. Pickle gets her teeth cleaned faithfully every year and, as a result, doesn't have any issues with them. Dachshunds, as well as other breeds, are prone to having dental issues, which is why it is so important for them to get a yearly teeth cleaning. Not only can bath teeth cause gum disease, tooth root abscesses, etc. but it can also cause issues in the heart. Pickle recognizes that taking care of her teeth is very important to her health and she has a beautiful smile to show for it.