Osage Animal Hospital - Pet of the Month - July 2016

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Meet Our July Pet of the Month!


Owned by Gary and Sherry Williams

I don't know if someone dumped her or if she simply followed her nose too far, as Pointers tend to do. Either way, she was filthy and starving when we saw pictures of her on our trail camera. She had been eating corn out of the deer feeder. About a week later, we saw her as we were pulling out of our driveway. We called for her and she ran right to us and jumped in the Tahoe like it was hers. My husband, a hunter, was thinking she could accompany him during the upcoming pheasant season. I was thinking she would make a welcome addition to our home. 

My husband was very disappointed when he discovered that Lilly was gun shy. She was never going to hunt, but that didn't stop her from doing what she was bred to do...point. She has a beautiful point. She points at birds, bees, butterflies, and anything that has wings really. When she wasn't outside pointing, she was inside enjoying the leather furniture. She seems to have been born to lay on furniture. She even utilizes the pillows for her head. If, during the holidays, the furniture is full of people, she panics. She doesn't lay on the floor....ever!

Lilly had some health issues when we first took her in. Dr. Kathy treated her for kennel cough and incontinence. She said this condition sometimes happens to adult female dogs who had been spayed earlier in life, which Lilly had been. They scanned her for a microchip but didn't find one. A couple years later, Lilly was having her teeth cleaned when they scanned her again. This time they found her chip. My heart sank. After we talked about it, Dr. Kathy tried the phone number listed with the microchip, but it had been disconnected. It didn't matter...I wasn't giving her back anyway! I just wanted them to know she was with someone who loved her.

It wasn't until a few years had gone by that we realized she had food allergies. She started losing weight and shedding really bad. She was throwing up every day and licking herself raw in spots. Dr. Kathy started her on hypoallergenic food and it took care of all her problems. Now, Lilly is as healthy and strong as she is beautiful.

She is so fast, she is hard to keep up with, and her nose still gets her in trouble sometimes. However, I'm so happy to have her to love. People have said how lucky she is to have wandered onto our place, but I'm not sure who is luckier, us or Lilly.