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Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is an advanced tool that we are proud to offer our patients undergoing surgical procedures. The surgical laser is used for almost all of our surgeries, such as cat declaws, neuters, spays, tumor removals, abdominal surgery, orthopedic surgery, and more. Our surgical laser, called a CO2 cutting laser, generates an invisible beam of light that ablates the skin and soft tissues. It is so precise, that it is able to leave the surrounding areas alone while only cutting one layer of skin at a time. The benefits of laser surgery over traditional surgery are faster recovery time due to less post-operative pain and swelling, less bleeding, and less chance of infection. Less pain and bleeding occur because the laser seals off the nerve endings and small blood vessels while it cuts through the tissue. Less swelling takes place because the energy from the laser does not bruise, crush, or tear the tissue while it cuts. Reduced risk of infection occurs because the cutting laser sterilizes the tissue by killing the bacteria. All of these benefits of the surgical laser help keep your pets more comfortable as they recover from the surgeries.