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Grooming Services

Our pet groomers love to make your pets look, feel, and smell their best. They understand that each pet has specific grooming requirements and know how to meet those needs. Every groom includes a warm bath using premium shampoo and conditioner, nail trim and anal gland expression. Each pet receives either a breed specific haircut or will be trimmed according to your specifications.

Additional grooming services may include:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning and plucking excess hair from the ear canals
  • Nail filing with dremel
  • Medicated shampoo treatment
  • De-shedding treatments

Please call our office at (580) 255-4200 to inquire about pricing and scheduling.

We offer a wide variety of services in our Grooming and Bathing department. Whether your fur baby just needs a quick wash or a full hair cut and deshedding treatment, we can do it all! 

***** Prices are typically based on the pet's weight, so please read closely! ***** 


Includes full wash, dry and fragrance spritz 

SMALL:  under 25# - $15.00

MEDIUM: 26-50# - $20.00

LARGE: 51-75# - #25.00

X-LARGE: 76-100# - $30.00

XX-LARGE: over 100# - $35.00

CATS: $20.00  (this price does not include sedation, which is often needed for kitties)

"DOODLE" BREEDS any size:  $40.00 (this price includes a brush-out)

*We also offer HALF-PRICED baths if you bring your pet in every week. This is perfect if you want to reduce shedding in your house and if you enjoy having your pet look and smell great all of the time!


This includes a warm bath with a premium shampoo, toe nail trim, anal gland expression, breed-specific haircut, and a spritz of fragrance.  A bandana or bow is included, if you wish.  Our skilled groomers can perform breed-specific grooms or will customize the groom based on your specifications.

SMALL: 1-25#- $30.00

MEDIUM:  26-50# - $45.00

LARGE: 51-75# - $60.00

X-LARGE: over 75# - $75.00

XX-LARGE: over 100# - $100.00

CATS: shave-down or "lion cut" $50.00

*please note, almost all cats require sedation to allow the safest, least stressful grooming experience. Sedation is administered by our veterinary staff and is determined based on needs of each individual kitty.  It typically adds $35.00 to the grooming*

**Priority Grooming Services:  Many pet parents don't want their pet to spend longer than necessary away from home.  If that is the case for you, you can request "PRIORITY GROOMING".  For an additional $10, your pet gets moved up in the grooming order and will be the first in line. In most cases, they will be finished in 1-2 hours**


We offer a de-shedding service called a Brushout/Blowout that does wonders for long haired or shedding dogs and cats! We use a Furminator brush out excess hair, and a high powered blow dryer to blow out all of the excess/dead hair! It is recommended to repeat this process every 2-3 weeks for ultimate results. Take into consideration, if your pet does not like to be blow dryed by a normal dryer, you may want to consider a sedative to calm his/her nerves during the experience.


Includes full bath, de-shedding shampoo, and blowing out the undercoat and removal of all dead hair. (Add ons will be additional charge)

SMALL - 1-25# - $22.50

MEDIUM - 26-50# - $30.00

LARGE - 51-75# - $37.50

X-LARGE - 75-100# - $45.00

XX-LARGE - over 100# - $52.50

ADD ONS (with a bath)

Nail trim- $5.00

Dremel  nails w/ BATH- $7.50

Dremel nails w/ GROOM- $2.50

Anal gland expression- $5.00

Brushing teeth- $5.00

Medicated Shampoo-$ 5.00

Flea/ Tick Shampoo- $6.00