Osage Animal Hospital - Pet of the Month - August 2016

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Meet Our August Pets of the Month!

Easton's Kittens

Therapy pets come in all shapes, sizes and even species! We all think of therapy DOGS and all of the joy they bring to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. We think of assistance DOGS that help their owners with their special needs. But, we rarely think of therapy CATS!

Many of you know Easton's story. Easton was in a terrible car accident and suffered serious head injuries. He has received so much love, care and therapy from so many people in his life. Perhaps two of his most precious therapists have four legs, though! Easton's family adopted two adorable kittens recently, "Butters" and "Captain Jack." These kittens LOVE Easton! They love to sit on his lap, climb on his wheelchair and sleep on his blankets. These two kittens have provided so much love, joy and excitement for this sweet little boy. They also work as therapists! The kittens help Easton work on his motor skills and provide him hours of entertainment. These kittens are so special in so many ways!