Osage Animal Hospital - Pet of the Month - October 2016

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Meet our October Pet of the Month

Cowboy Standridge


"Hello my peeps! My name is Cowboy. I'm a 5 year old male chihuahua. I joined my family when I was 2 years of age, after my previous owner could no longer take care of me. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. My favorite thing in this whole world is my "big yellow blanket," which I burrow underneath to sleep the day away. However, when I'm not sleeping, I have an awesome fur brother and two great fur cousins whom I enjoy chasing around the yard. I also like to lie in the grass and soak up the sun. 

One night last year, I was playing in bed with my fur brother and hurt my back. Even though it was late at night, my momma called Dr. Kathy in a panic becaus I could not walk or move without pain. Dr. Kathy was very nice and instructed my momma to bring me to the clinic the following morning. Dr. Kathy determined I had a bulging disk in my back. I had to start laser therapy right away, along with other medications. After a yearlong treatment plan, I am once again able to chase my friends out in the back yard. I still receive laser therapy every other week. However, I do not mind as I get to spend the day with Dr. Kathy and my wonderful friends at Osage Animal Hospital. I thank God every day for my blessings!"

We have been using our Therapy Laser on many patients for a variety of problems.  The device uses laser light to penetrate the deeper tissues.  This laser light stimulates healing and decreases pain and inflammation.  It is especially helpful for pets with pain due to trauma or arthritis. It can also help with wounds, surgery sites, ear infections, hot spots, bladder infections, lick granulomas…….the list goes on and on!   We are so thankful that between loving care at home, the therapy laser and anti-inflammatory medication, Cowboy is on the mend!