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Meet Our April Pet of the Month!


Owned by Pat and George Gilland

My name is AnamCara, a Celtic name meaning “soul friend,” but you can call me Cara.  I love to be petted, and 24 hours a day 7 days a week would not be too much.  Therefore, my dad and mom, George and Pat Gilland, decided to share the fun with others and took me to school to become a therapy dog.  School was hard work and took lots of practice and discipline, but I made it and am now certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) as an official therapy dog.  As a therapy dog I can visit hospitals, schools, libraries, nursing homes, and other places with my handler, Pat Gilland.  My wonderful vet team at Osage Animal Hospital makes sure my nails are trimmed so I will not scratch those who want to pet me.

I also have another special job of which I am very proud.  I am one of 3,000 golden retrievers in the United States who are participants in a special study by the Morris Foundation.  Every year I have a thorough lab workup at Osage Animal Hospital to identify possible health problems.  Golden Retrievers have a higher incidence of cancer than most breeds of dogs, and the Morris Foundation is trying to determine why that is so.  I fully expect to be one of the healthy examples in the study since I am so well taken care of by my veterinarian and all of the employees at Osage Animal Hospital.

I have one canine sister, Fionnoula (better known as Nula), who is my best friend.  We love to go on walks almost every day and to romp in the yard.  I am one happy person…………I mean, dog.