Osage Animal Hospital - Pet of the Month - June 2016

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Meet our June Pets of the Month!

The Bennett/Staab Cats


So you think there is a lot of cat hair in your house? Think you spend a lot of time cleaning litter boxes? Try taking care of 30 cats! Yes, you heard it right, 30! Pam Bennett and Kathrin Staab have a knack for finding cats that need their help.

Each of the 30 kitties under their care were either abandoned on or near their property or were rescued from various situations by Pam or Kathrin. Every cat has a name and, if asked, these ladies will be able to tell you all about each and every kitty, including their story, their personality, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, etc.! Every kitty has been spayed or neutered. Every kitty receives vaccinations regularly. It goes without saying that every kitty also receives a huge amount of love and individual attention!

Living in Oklahoma, we all know how difficult it can be to control fleas and ticks, especially with multiple pets. Pam and Kathrin have the added challenge of trying to control fleas and ticks on 30 cats, most of them indoor/outdoor. They have done an amazing job controlling parasites in their "cat herd" by applying a topical product called Revolution to each kitty each month. This product helps control fleas, ear mites, feline heartworms and intestinal parasites (worms). It has really helped them provide the best care for the kitties that they love so much! Let us know if you have pets and if you need help controlling or preventing fleas, ticks or other parasites on your own pets.

We want to thank Pam and Kathrin for providing such great care for all of these needy kitties!