Osage Animal Hospital - Pet of the Month - May 2017

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Meet Our May Pets of the Month!

Ava and Zsa Zsa

In the veterinary profession, almost every day I meet someone who “rescued” their pet. I love learning all of the details, seeing the special bond that has developed, hearing about the endearing traits and personalities of each particular pet.  What I often wonder, though, is who rescued whom?  These precious pets come into our lives with different backgrounds, different issues, different stories.  They are soon loved by people with different backgrounds, different hurts, and different needs.  Although we often think that we are the rescuers, sometimes the pets are the ones doing the rescuing.  

This month’s pet of the month is actually a tribute to two special kitties who were once rescued by a very special friend of mine from Iowa.  

“I got the Gabor Sisters on Pearl Harbor Day Dec. 7, 1999. They were about 6 months and when I brought them home they stuck together so you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. It took about two weeks before they trusted me and sat on my lap and I just let them be, talked softly to them, and let them warm up to me.  As they grew they developed their own personalities and independence.  They lived longer than any other cat I was blessed to have-16 years and due to proper diagnosis, medication, healing touch and animal chiropractic they were comfortable up until the time they told me they needed to leave.  We had an intuitive relationship and they understood English which is to be expected since I was home most of the time and you know what a motor mouth I am!  They only knew gentleness and love and I always told them that there was nothing they could ever do that would make me stop loving them.  The love they gave me was immeasurable and I don't know what  did to deserve such incredible cats.  They knew they would never be hurt and would only know love and kindness.”

Ava and Zsa Zsa were precious kitties that I was able to care for during my time in Iowa.  They received the best care from their human momma and gave so much love and companionship in return.  Unfortunately, they have each passed on, but their owner has generously donated funds to allow one feline patient to receive a FREE dental cleaning (up to $200).  We will be entering EVERY kitty that comes into our clinic for veterinary services during the month of May into the drawing.  The drawing will be held at the end of May and the winner will receive a free dental cleaning.